The Syrian Revolution, a Mass Movement!

translation: To the world: we are not the opposition, we are people that wants to live free and in dignity!

Media from all sides focus on armed conflict between the criminal Syrian regime and the brave but under-equipped armed opposition, or describe the Syrian Revolution as a civil war or a war between religious minorities and majorities. In doing so, they are putting on equal footing the regime and the popular movement. This image of the Syrian revolution is far from reflecting reality; popular actions remain the main form of popular opposition to authoritarian rule.

We do not deny the importance of armed resistance and do not condemn it either, quite the opposite, since it expresses the Syrian people’s right to defend itself against the repressive regime.

The purpose of this article, however, concerns those millions of brave Syrians who, in the streets across the country, are demonstrating for justice, freedom and dignity and that we forget a bit in the media. While the mission of UN observers was suspended, given the persistence of repression and violence of the regime, the international community as a whole and without exception, is still trying to implement a solution like Yemen to Syria, as we saw during meetings between U.S. and Russian officials. This solution involves removing the head of the regime, the dictator Bashar Al Assad, while keeping its structure intact. In their own interest, the major powers did indeed see no advantage in this regime collapse (see our article on Syria in the No. 204). The Syrian people count therefore on their bravery, perseverance and the solidarity of other nations to end this regime.

A genuine popular movement

The popular movement in Syria has not withdrawn from the streets, universities and workplaces despite the multifaceted repression of the regime, both politically and militarily.

The “flash events” (flash mob) and other steps are still organized, as are demonstrations in public places and in places that had not previously experienced major mobilizations.

The slogan “Stop the massacres, we want to build a civil and democratic Syria” was carried for the first time a few months ago by a young activist. Alone, she stood before Parliament. This slogan was echoed throughout the country by militant youth groups, following her arrest by the security services.

Universities are always centers of resistance. The University of Aleppo has witnessed significant student protests in May and earlier also. They were violently suppressed by security forces that killed four people and arrested hundreds more. Today, not a week goes by without the voices and songs of the students of the University of Damascus being heard at the presidential palace, close to a hundred meters, while almost daily demonstrations take place at the universities of Deraa and Deir al-Zur. Aleppo University has suspended its course for fear of an uprising even more important for young people, while the bullets are more numerous than the books at the University of Homs.

The students represent one quarter of all the martyrs in Syria since the beginning of the revolution in March 2011, according to the Union of Free Students in Syria (SFSU). Founded September 29, 2011 to fight against the regime, the Union is a bastion of political and union resistance to a democratic society in the life of the student movement. The union organizes events for students free and the popular resistance in universities across the country.

Working people, also suppressed

The working people were also targets of repression. During the month of December 2011, successful campaigns of civil disobedience and general strikes were held in Syria. They have paralyzed large parts of the country, showing that the mobilization of the working class and exploited is at the heart of the Syrian revolution. This is why the dictatorship, seeking to break the dynamics of protest, fired more than 85,000 workers between January 2011 and February 2012 and closed 187 factories (according to official figures).

The Syrian people continued to repeat their rejection of sectarianism, despite the regime’s attempts to ignite this dangerous fire. The protests and messages of solidarity between Syrians have not stopped. The popular movement has also reaffirmed its struggle for the unity of the Syrian people and against the divisions, developing a sense of national solidarity and social that transcends ethnic and sectarian divisions.

So, contrary to what the media uniformly claims, popular actions remain the main form of resistance of the Syrian people. This reality, however, does not please those in power, who try to present all members of the opposition as being Islamic extremists controlled by the Saudi regime. This is why they have targeted since the beginning of the insurgency, personalities and activists known to be favorable to popular peaceful strategies for the overthrow of the regime, who were arrested, tortured, forced to exile or murdered by the authorities.

The Syrian people, despite everything, resist and continue their struggle to build a new democratic Syria, social, civil and truly independent. The revolution is permanent until victory!

Long live the Syrian Revolution and glory to our martyrs.

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