Revolution of Dignity and Morals “Campaign Continues

by لجان التنسيق المحلية في سوريا on Thursday, August 30, 2012

Under the title “A Revolution of Dignity and Morals”, the committees in the Local Coordination Committees (LCC) organized the first week of a continuous campaign to focus on the principles and goals of the Syrian revolution that we are all committed to it, including civilians and military soldiers.

The campaign issued a statement signed by dozens of Committees and a number of Battalions. The statement was directed to members of the Free Syrian Army assuring them that the “People are behind you, Syria loves you, we recognize that your sacrifice the most precious thing you have, which is your life so that others can live and have the grace of dignity and security in a better Syria” The statement continues, “The free Syrians are waiting for you to change an image they grew accustomed to for the past 50 years. The image of a soldier and a ‘security’ man, who threatens them and deprives them of their dignity, money, and strips them of their rights despite the oath he took to protect them. People look up to you, and trust that you will live up to their expectations … to be someone who will not vandalize crops, will not kill a child, will not cut a tree or a plant, will not burn a house or abuse a woman or a child, nor kill unarmed civilians, nor take anything but the battle weapon … but someone who will protect them, fight for them, and defend them from anyone who threatens to strip them of their money, dignity, and land”

The statement also called the battalions of the Free Syrian Army to unite.

The statement was signed by: Congregation of Free Women of Darayya, Busra Al-Sham Coordination, Darayaa Coordination, The Union of Syria’s Free Students, The LCC of Tseel Town, Adwan LCC, News of Yadudeh Town, The Coordination of the Youth of Syrian Revolution in Sanamein City, Mleiha Sharqiya LCC, Maqelabieh LCC – Free People of Damascus Suburbs, Battalion of Damascus Uprising, Yarmouk Camp LCC, Qudsayya, Commander of Ansar Battalion in Southern Idlib Suburbs – Major Samer, Hanano Youth Movement, Wadi Masharei LCC, Hateitet Turkman LCC, Qanas Al-Islam Al-Hor, The Syrian Revolution in Yalda in Damascus Suburbs, The Syrian Revolution LCC in Bokamal, The Free People of Tamanaa in Idlib, Syrian Revolution of Sayyeda Zainab and its Suburbs, Syrian Revolution in Aqraba in Damascus Suburbs, Zamalka LCC, Sheikh Ali Tantawy Battalion, Al-Sham Activists (Dummar- Hameh- Qudsaya) and Suburbs , The Syrian Revolution in Hameh Area, Erbeen- Damascus Suburbs, Union of Derbasieh Students, Congregation of The Free People of Damascus and its Suburbs, Hasakeh’s United Coordination, Coordination of National Fraternity in Hasakeh, United Coordination of Derbasieh, Congregation of Swaida’s Free People, LCC in Qadmous Town and its Suburbs, Swaida Coordination/ Branch of Shahba and its Villages, Douma

Coordination -Syrian Revolution in Damascus Suburbs, Descendents of Osman Sabry Battalion/ Lt. Col. Hasan, Circassian Page to Support The Syrian Revolution, Coordination of Kwakbi’s Descendents, Jableh LCC, Young Activists LCC in Deir Ezzor, Coordination of Dael Youth

The Coordinations distributed leaflets and raised signs that include the principles of the campaign and its goals such as

My Weapon can only be used to overthrow the regime and to administer justice

I will protect your life, money, and property … I am the Free Syrian Army

My Syrian brother and sister … If I disagree with you I will not use my weapon against you

Your weapons are for fighting tyranny

Do not become the tyrant you seek to overthrow

Treat your captives with dignity and justice

Our survival is contingent on our morals Some Photos and Videos of the Campaign’s Activities Distributing leaflets and Posting banners of “Revolution of Dignity and Morals” Campaign by Yadudeh in LCC The Campaign’s Leaflets by Young Men of Tseel Town in LCC

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