How can we read the current dynamics of the Syrian’s popular Revolution and its perspectives?

statement of the Syrian revolutionary left translated in English:

( original statement in Arabic : or

There is no doubt that the general devastation in the country caused by a brutal dictatorial bourgeois regime, will have a negative impact on the future of our country by destroying and draining its living human and material capacities. Despite this, we can emphasize a number of the revolution’s dynamics and to what they may lead to :

First, the social latency of the revolution by considering the basic composition of the revolution through the labroring classes, the salaried and the marginalized.

Second, the radical rebellious masses’s insistance to overthrow the regime and to refuse to undergo again any other tyranny whatsoever, and its commitment to freedom, equality and social justice. In the same time, the popular movement has increased altogether its political and critical consciousness and its militancy experiences, liberating the working class and the masses of working people from the yoke of the ruling bourgeois dictatorship`s influence and the ideology of totalitarianism.

Third, the Syrian revolution has characterised and excelled itself in the setting up by the rebellious popular classes of self organized organisation bodies and committes from the bottom or the grassroot via networks of local coordinations and revolutionary councils. It established these self-governing bodies from the bottom, rolled out nationwide, and adopted it as the core of an alternative popular power and linked it in an admirable way to what is known as the struggle of the working class and the toilers in the modern era. This  is part of the consciousness formation and of the building of the popular movement’s own experiences, which makes them into perspectives actually socialy rooted.

All of these ellements explain the reason behind the imperialists’s (east and west) scramble, as well as the reactionary Arab regimes, Turkey and Iran and their local allies in working hystericaly to corrupt and diverge the revolution that has not been avorted. But counter-revolutionariy forces have only face failure so far.

Our revolution is an enormous act of emancipation of the working class, the toilers and the poor peasants … Therefore, the specter of a nightmare haunts the counter-revolutionary and imperialists forces and strongly roams through the ongoing violent class struggle: the perspective of a socialist revolution.


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