Statement on the Political Representation of the Syrian Revolution

by ‎لجان التنسيق المحلية في سوريا‎ on Monday, November 5, 2012  ·

 Do not lose sight on what we have reached with our great revolution on a political level, which has established confidence and respect for the Syrian people and the Syrian revolution, despite the the absence of serious representation.

The international community has wasted precious time and caused the revolution to miss opportunities to regroup and unite. It has led to scattered efforts and opened the doors of intervention from all directions, leaving the opportunity of blame to fall on the revolution and the people for not taking serious action against the Syrian regime before the international community. This has caused immense frustration among the Syrian revolutionaries.

Today our revolution enters its toughest stages and the cruelty of the regime against our people is proven limitless. In the lack of military support for our Free Syrian Army to protect civilians and guarantee the scale in favor of the revolution and in the light of the international community’s defeatist attitude based on allegations of mistakes and missteps of the political opposition, we emphasize the following:

• It is no longer acceptable, under any pretext, to continue with the absence of a unified and effective political leadership for the revolution.

• All political parties must come together as quickly as possible to reach the proper political representation of the revolution.

• Political representation is the right of our revolution and is based on clear and definite principles, embodied in documents Cairo, to overthrow the regime fully and to reject any form of dialogue with him, except that in the form of details of the departure of the regime.

• Independence of the national decision is not ensured through treasonous slogans and campaigns used by some of its opponents based on similar language and techniques as the regime’s approach, but rather through hard work to break the impasse that has the political leadership and performance tottering.

• Any formation of a new political entity must aim to represent the revolution and prioritize securing organized military support for the rebels and for relief efforts, despite personal loyalties and interests. In addition, the political entity must learn from past experiences and ensure the revolutionary mobility as a significant presence and an effective contribution to decision-making and implementation, without the domination of one party over another.

• We clearly announce that interventions in the affairs of our revolution, as stated in Hilary Clinton’s remarks, are unwelcome. It is on the international community to reconsider its defeatist policy against supporting the Syrian people and the rebels, which has lengthened the age of the regime and has extended the time for Syrians to be killed, increasing the complexity of the crisis and ultimately leading to extremism as a reaction.

Finally, it calls on all the Local Coordination Committees of the Syrian opposition parties to assume their responsibilities and unite in accomplishing their projects promptly. In respect to the blood of the martyrs and in recognition of the great struggle of the Syrian people. Local Coordination Committees in Syria Monday 5 – 11 – 2012


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