We are and always be one: Syria and Palestine

“On the left Syria, this is the conspiracy, and on the right Gaza, this is the enemy”

The last and continuing destructive attack on Gaza by the Zionist has showed once more who are the real supporters of the Palestinian cause: the Syrian People and not the  regime. The popular movement in Syria is still very dynamic and in the streets throughout Syria, despite the regime’s harsh repression and killings.

The Syrian people, while pursuing their revolution against the oppressive and dictatorial Assad’s regime, have displayed and expressed many messages of support to their Palestinian brothers and sisters in Gaza. In the messages and slogans, large sections of the Syrian people have also made clear that their revolution will not finish with the end of Assad’s regime, but will continue to the borders of Palestine to liberate the Palestinian people from the occupation of the Zionist State.

The so called “leftists” and others who still believe that this revolution is different than others and that its victory would be a catastrophic to the Palestinian cause and anti imperialism, while since the beginning many protests inside Syria have witnessed solidarity with the Palestinians, the Palestinian cause, claiming that Palestine is at the heart of their revolutions, please check these following pictures from Syria:

“In order to liberate Palestine and Syria, we need (or we want) to overthrow the regime” The Young Syrian revolutionaries

“Despite the wounds, your wound destroys us ya Gaza”

“Brothers in Pain, in blood, in ennemy”

“I swear to the Lord almighty, after Assad we go to Gaza”
“from occupied Homs””

“People of Gaza, our suffering and our ennemy is one, despite Despite the different labels”

Ya Gaza, Massiaf (Syrian city) with you until death, revolutionaries from Massiaf

Ya Gaza, Syria with you to the death

“The Palestinian struggles in Palestine and in Syria, beware of proclamations”

“Gaza called the Arabs, and Syria laughed”

“Syria and Palestine, one blood, one criminal”

“Greetings from Homs under the blocus to Gaza under the blocus”

To cry for Gaza, the victory is coming from Syria to Gaza

Videos of support

مظاهرات دعم متبادلة بين سوريا وغزة

Demos mutual support between Syria and Gaza

During the demonstrations of today: Friday 16.11.2012:

in Deraa : Protesters raised a banner saying : “Bashar to Netanyahaou : Avenged me of Hamas, because I am busy slaughtering people”  “انتقم لي من حماس، لأنني مشغول ذبح الناس:  :بشار لنتنياهو”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Hiu9ZX3rFNE  (from the 11th second)

in Idlib : from second 16, banner saying : Syria and Palestine, one blood, one criminal :  سوريا وفلسطين، دم واحد، مجرم واحد

in Homs: Chanting for Gaza, in waa3r neighborhoud

حمص حي الوعر الجديد جمعة دعم الائتلاف الوطني يا غزة حنا معاكي للموت

In Aleppo, Mara3: حلب – مارع – مظاهرة تهتف لغزة

Chanting for Gaza: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY9PyjDm46I

Aleppo, neighbrohood cheikh fares, banners in solidarity with gaza مظاهرة حي الشيخ فارس … ولافتات متضامنة مع غزة

In the city of Talbissah: banners and slogans for Gaza

تلبيسة جمعة دعم الائتلاف ويا غزة تلبيسة معك للموت

Palestinians in Syria:

Palestinians have participated in the revolution among their Syrian brothers and sisters and have paid a heavy price, something that should go amiss within the Syrian and Palestinian struggle for freedom. The Palestinian refugees of Syria have been fully aware of the support of the far ( not to say the quasi) majority of the popular movement to the Palestinian cause and this is why since the beginning of the uprising they have been increasingly participating in the revolution alongside their Syrian brothers and sisters. They have suffered from the regime’s repression, with more than 100 martyrs and hundreds arrested by security forces.

Many Palestinian refugee camps have been shelled by the regime, from Yarmouk in Damascus, including refugee camps in Lattakia, Deraa, Homs, etc…

One example of direct solidarity between Palestinians and Syrians

Yarmouk refugee Camp has witnessed huge demonstrations Friday July 13th against the regime. The Palestinians refugees in Yarmouk Camp have after the shelling by the regime of Tadamon neighborhood close by to the camp welcomed its residents who fled to Yarmouk camp. They brought to schools and mosques mattresses, blankets and other provisions to aid tens of families that left Tadamon while being shelled. Same scenes have been witnessed in other regions of Syria, Palestinian refugees welcoming in their camps Syrian fleeing the shelling of their cities, neighborhoods and villages. As chanted in the streets Syrian and Palestinians have shown there “are one hand”, in other words united against the regime.


This last picture resume very well the feelings of large sections of the popular movement: My identity is Syrian, but my passion is Palestinian! Our destiny are linked!

The revolution will be permanent because it is also committed to make every effort to liberate the occupied Golan, to support the rights of the Palestinian people for the return of refugees and self-determination in the territory of historic Palestine, and to assist other peoples of the region in their struggle against their dictators and imperialism.

The Syrian people, just like the other people of the region struggling for dignity and freedom, are the true revolutionaries and anti-imperialists, and not the regime of Bashar Al-Assad. It is the Syrian population who welcomed Palestinians, Lebanese and Iraqi refugees when they were attacked and occupied by the imperialist powers such as Israel and the US. The victory of the Syrian revolution will open a new resistance front against the imperialist powers, while its defeat will strengthen them. The victory of the Syrian revolution will also give a new breath to the revolutionary processes in the region. The Overthrow of each current Arab regime is a step forward to the liberation of Palestine! Because we know that our Liberation will never be achieved without the liberation of the Palestinian  people!

The People are One against all the oppressors! Viva all the Oppressed

Long live the Syrian, Palestine and People’s revolution. Long live revolutionary humanism!

Palestine and Syria, one people, one cause

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