The Local Coordination Committees in Syria (LCC): Regarding The Israeli Raids


“”We won’t lose our compass. The enemy of our enemy will not become our friend.”

Regarding The Israeli Raids

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria (LCC) deplores the Israeli raids on Syrian territory and condemns ongoing violations of the Syrian people’s national sovereignty.

The LCC confirms that the Syrian regime’s reckless behavior has turned Syria into a state of chaos, and the regime alone bears full responsibility for the outcome of a country that has become a playground in which regional and international powers settle their scores at the expense of the Syrian people. It is important to remember that this regime has never served as a resistance force; rather, the regime has protected Israel over the past decades. The game of “resistance” has only been used to impose repression, tyranny, and bullying of the domestic population under the pretext of external danger.

The Israeli raids targeted military installations and ammunition depots, which had been used to kill unarmed civilians – the sons and daughters of Syria. Nonetheless, the raids can only be seen in the context of serving Israeli interests, which align in many ways with those of the Syrian regime. The regime is trying to force the country into a sectarian war and to become a divided state – a condition that has long been a strategic goal for Israel.

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria
May 6, 2013


One thought on “The Local Coordination Committees in Syria (LCC): Regarding The Israeli Raids

  1. The Syrian masses are confronting both external enemies and internal enemies. The Assad regime is an internal enemy, as are the anti-democratic Islamist groups that want to foment ethnic sectarian war. The masses of Syrians want freedom,. democracy, and social justice. The masses of Syrians need an inclusive non-sectarian democratic revolutionary government. Local coordination committees of workers and farmers can form the basis of a revolutionary government that guarantees freedom, democracy, and social justice. Organize the unorganized. Solidarity for Syrian democracy. Solidarity with the Arab revolutions. Solidarity for a free Palestine.

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