Statement of the Revolutionary Military Council in Damascus on the Israeli aggression


In the name of God the Merciful

We, the military council in Damascus, would like to emphasize and confirm that our fight is against the Assad regime, but this has not and will not make us forget that our first enemy is Israel. So we would like to stress our core national principle, which considers Israel as the occupier enemy that does not respect international conventions. Following this principle, we unequivocally condemn the recent Israeli aggression on the Syrian territory and considers it a violation of the sovereignty of our country Syria. Once the Syrian army return a national army after the toppling of the mafiosi regime, our response will bond to be against any Israeli attack a response through real action and not through ruminating words that has been used by the Assad regime without doing anything.
We therefore extend our warm condolences to the honorable people victim of the recent Israeli aggression who have polluted and tarnished their hands with the blood of the Syrian people and could not split from the Assad regime until the present moment.
Long live free and proud Syria

Commander of the Revolutionary Military Council in Damascus
Colonel Abu al-Wafa


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