Al Kawakabi’s grandchildren: No terrorist bombings, no attacks on Syrian refugees


“Al Kawakabi’s grandchildren” is popular organization struggling for the victory of the Syrian Revolution, mainly located in the city of Aleppo.

The statements of Turkish officials regrading the recent bombings in Rihaniyya points to the responsibility of Turkish forces loyal to Assad, these same parties involved in the recent massacres in Banias and recognized clearly in the words of one its senior criminals (Mihraj Ural).

What happened yesterday in Rihaniyya is truly shameful. Instead of popular anger being directed on the killer, which has proved to be involved in the blood spilling of the two peoples, we are seeing this anger directed against the victims and by whom? By those with whom the killer have citizenship ties. Instead of addressing the crimes to their home city and region the people of Rihaiyya have poured out their anger on the Syrian refugee people.

Is it not enough what suffered the brothers in Banias at the hands of these gangs without being accountable for it, to even cause them harm across the borders to their shelters? On what basis are the refugees held guilty and responsible for the crimes committed by Turkey twice?

Therefore if we condemn the bombings suffered by the city of Rihaniyya and if we deeply regret the blood of the innocent victims of our brothers and our Turkish guests, we condemn as well the sufferings of our Syrian brothers in Rihaniyya from the attacks affecting their children and their property and we demand to link the investigation of the bombings to the investigation of these aggression because we see these two crimes as one single sery aiming to chase out the Syrians refugees by the Syrian regime and its agents, even in their shelters and by threatening the stability of these asylum areas and to incite public opinion against them.

Al Kawakabi’s grandchildren

May 12 2013

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