The General Staff of the Free Syrian Army


The General Staff of the Free Syrian Army 15 / 05 / 2013


Recently footage has been relayed over social media networks showing a man who claims that he is a member of the Free Syrian Army during which he commits a monstrous act in cutting a dead soldiers heart out and portraying to eat it. The man in the footage also claims that the dead soldier is actually a soldier from the Syrian Army forces and that this particular soldier is responsible for crimes committed against civilians.

The General Staff of the Free Syrian Army Revolutionary and Military forces feel their urge to strongly emphasize and assure all, that we are the holders of a noble cause, a cause that calls for liberty and freedom and the rule of law for all of the people of Syria whoever they maybe and whatever their religious or ethnic identity. We hereby state that any act contrary to the values that the Syrian people have paid their blood and lost their homes will not be tolerated, the abusers will be punished severely even if they are associated with the Free Syrian Army, therefore the Leadership of the General Staff of the FSA has sent out instructions to the field commanders to begin a prompt investigation into the matter in which the perpetrator will be brought to justice or will face detention, hence a fair trial in which we seek to establish if the accused is in fact a member of the Free Syrian Army or not.

We urge our fellow citizens to forward their complaints of any offense committed by any individuals or groups that claim or appear to be in the Free Syrian Army or the opposition fighting forces, the complaints must be forwarded to the field commanders or to the FSA Leadership.
We also commend the efforts of any citizen journalist who contributes to exposing such acts as this is a contribution to our cause.

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