Fighting escalates between YPG and Jabhat Al-Nusra; reaches to the Oil-Rich areas in Al jazeera.


Report published July 19 2013 by Young Kurds T.C.K the Movement

After months of Jabhat Al-Nusra and Islamist groups existence in Al Jazeera areas N-NE Syria “Mostly Kurds”, locals started to complain and describe the way they suffer under the rule of Islamic extremist rebels; However; The extreme actions by the Islamists ruler “Jabhat Al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or the ISIS” seemed to be getting an increased trend in the last few days, like imposing “Fasting” on the locals; or threatening women to wear the Islamic Hijab “headscarf” and many other Sharia extreme laws without considering “the different cultures of Syrian people” and especially the Kurdish people culture, furthermore; in July 16th a group of Jabhat Al-Nusra attempted to arrest members of the Kurdish armed group YPJ/YPG “People’s Protection Units, women branch” in the city of Ras Al-Ayn “Sere Kaniye, in Kurdish” in Hasakah province.

The attempt however has failed but led to clashes between Al-Nusra backed with Islamic extremist rebels and the Kurdish YPG; the Kurdish armed forces won the battle and expelled the Islamic extremist rebels from the city of Sere Kaniye and announced total control over the city in July 17th. The Islamic extremist rebels of Jabhat Al-Nusra and the ISIS fled toward “Asfar Najjar and Til Hallaf areas” 4km away from the city of Sere Kaniye, losing Turkey-Syria border gate in the city in favor of Kurdish forces YPG. The extremists vowed revenge and bombarded the city randomly using mortar shells, which led to mass exodus among the locals especially in Mahata and Ebra neighborhoods. 

As a result of the clashes; 11 extreme rebels and dozen more were injured, The Kurdish forces “YPG” also lost two members “Rustim Sheikhmos and Nubar Beyar” both were from the city of Sere Kaniye. In addition to injuries reported in the city of Ceylanpinar in Turkey. The Kurdish forces “YPG” took more than 15 vehicles and different kind of weapons including Dushka as spoils of war.

Fighting didn’t stop, in July 17th The Extreme Islamists attacked a YPG checkpoint in Til Tamr “South of Sere Kaniye” and killed 5 of YPG memebrs.

YPG-Islamists clashes escalated after that through Al-Jazeera and reached the Oil-Rich areas of “East of Qamishlo”; the clashes erupted in Jawadiya, Gire Fateh, Kerhok and Til Allou “along the blue line shown in the map bellow”

The extreme Islamists attacked YPG in Gire Fateh and killed two of YPG members and 3 of the Islamists were also killed in the operation. Clashes also erupted in Qahtaniya “Tirpe Sipi” 5 Islamists were killed and 4 of YPG members lost their lives in the clashes. A suicide attack committed by Al-Nusra member was also reported in Jawadiya, didn’t cause casualties.

The Extreme Islamists “Al Nusra and the ISIS” backed with FSA battalions declared after that full scale operation to “liberate the Oil-Rich Rumilan”. The Islamists declared full control on Til Allou, Swediya and Yousifya, however; the YPG responded to the attack and took over Ail Allou and large parts of Swediya.

Fierce clashes are still ongoing between the YPG and the The Extreme Islamists “Al Nusra and the ISIS” backed with FSA along the blow line; the YPG insists to liberate all the Kurdish areas until Til Kochar “Yaa’rabiya” border point with Iraq.


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