Statement of the Revolutionary Left Current in Syria on the massacre in the region of East Ghouta resulting from the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime


At dawn on August 21 2013 hundreds of Syrians have fallen, and among them a huge number of children and women, victims of deadly weapons: poisonous gases and explicit use of chemical weapons, in the regions of East Gouta in the countryside of Damascus, as part of a fierce military attack waged by the regime since this morning on these areas. The list of sufferings and sacrifices of the masses of our people has lengthened after more than two years, it is no longer possible to count the hundreds of thousands of martyrs and wounded, detainees and millions of displaced and refugees. The suffering of our people has continued and it became more unbearable. Cry goes unheeded, and lingers the death silence of the human conscience.

Killing and coercion of our people continue, perpetrated by the machine of death and destruction of a regime that exceeds fascism by its savagery. It is a tragedy that the world has not known for a long time, the tragedy of a people revolting for freedom and liberation from the clutches of a dictatorship, from its savage repression and from its savage exploitation of the oppressed in our country, serving the interests of a narrow bourgeois clique.

Our revolution has no sincere ally, except the popular revolutions of the region and of the world and of all the militants struggling against regimes of ignorance and servitude and exploitation. This  crime is part of the criminal and terrible actions of the ruling juntas against the masses of our people of unarmed civilians in shocking disregard for the human conscience and at a time when the forces of counter-revolution organized an offensive against the revolutions in the region, led by Saudi Arabia and its allies, the regime has found an opportunity to commit the heinous massacre. Yet our rebellious and determined people, proven by his injuries, will continue its resistance against the criminal tyrants, they will inflict a defeat and punishment they deserve for their crimes.

We bury our dead and will look after our wounded. We will only be more determined and resolute in our struggle for the fall of the murderous and destructive regime and the victory of our people’s revolution.

For the edification of Syria for freedom, justice, equality and social justice

No to Washington! No to Moscow!

No to Riyadh! No to Tehran!

Glory to the martyrs and healing for the wounded and victory of the popular revolution all the power and wealth of the people

Revolutionary Left Current in Syria Damascus on August 21, 2013

9 thoughts on “Statement of the Revolutionary Left Current in Syria on the massacre in the region of East Ghouta resulting from the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime

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  4. “For the edification of Syria for freedom, justice, equality and social justice”
    straight and mind in the revolution. I hope it will be the road but, do you think the syrian people are able to organize and fight together without foreign forzes? I hope it. encourage for all of you

  5. Say NO to military intervention. Say NO to missile attacks against Syria. Say NO to “no-fly zone” Say YES to arms, ammunition, and humanitarian supplies delivered directly to the local coordinating committees and the worker-farmer militias in the liberated zones and the refugee camps. Help the oppressed people overthrow the murderous and discredited regime.

  6. Thank you for your perspective on the horrific events in Syria. I’ve reblogged the post here:

    As someone living in the United States, I’m wondering whether the Left Current could comment on the Obama administration’s intent to launch missiles into Syria in retaliation for this chemical attack. How can Americans best work to further the interests of the Syrian revolution while fighting U.S. imperialism?

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