Statement of the Revolutionary Left Current regarding the arrest of activists of the Violations Documentation Center in Syria



Yesterday , in the city of Duma near Damascus, the reactionary forces of the counter-revolution, which form the other face of the dictatorial regime, kidnapped the following activists:
Activist Razan Zeitouneh and her husband Wael Hamada .

The kidnapping also included both the lawyer Nazem Al Hammadi and activist Samira Khalil , the wife of opposition activist Yassin Haj Saleh .

Freedom to all of them and to all the detainees in the prisons of the tyranic regime and of the reactionary forces of the counter-revolution 
Downfall and shame on the tyrannic regime and the forces of counter-revolution
And victory to the struggle of the working masses in the revolution for freedom, dignity and social justice .

All the power and wealth to the people

Revolutionary Left Current in Syria

Damascus 10/12/2013


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