” Palestinians detainees in Israeli prisons contribute to the Palestinians that Bashar Al Assad starves to death in Yarmouk refugee camp “


” Palestinians Detainees in Israeli prisons contribute to the Palestinians that Bashar Al Assad starves to death in Yarmouk refugee camp ”

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club announced the decision of Palestinian prisoners from Gilboa prison to participate in the relief campaign for the population of Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria, by paying a sum of 500 Israeli Shekel taken from their pay, which account to nearly $ 140 .

The prisoners’ club said that prisoners of Gilboa would send the list of prisoners who had decided to pay a portion of their monthly pay to the Palestinians in the camp of Yarmouk in the coming days.

The prisoner ” Mou’ayed Jarradat ” said the decision of the prisoners confirms that the prisoners’ movement is an integral part of the Palestinian people, and that they suffer from what happens in the Yarmouk camp and is interested in all issues regarding the Palestinian people, wherever they are.

Yarmouk camp suffers from the deadly blockade imposed by the regime of Bashar Al Assad on its Palestinian and Syrian inhabitants. The health situation has deteriorated to an unbearable point leading to many deaths from hunger, shortage of food and medicine.

The blockade of Bachar Al Assad’s regime against the Palestinians of Yarmouk reminds us what his father had done before him in Tell Zaatar camp in Lebanon in 1976, when Hafez Al Assad had surrounded with its troops and the assistance of its allies thousands of Palestinians and had killed many, after a severe siege that lasted nearly two months.

Information published by Revolutionary Left Current in Syria,


Demonstration in the Yarmouk refugee camp on Saturday January 11 2014 in memory for the martyrs dead of hunger.


Demonstration in Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan, in support for Yarmouk refugee camp, to break the siege. January 11 2014

Posters in support with Yarmouk refugee camp:





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