Statement from Families of #Douma4 to The National and International Public Opinion


More than five months have passed since Razan Zaitouneh, Samira al-Khalil, Wael Hamadeh and Nazem Hammadi were kidnapped in the evening of December 9th 2013, in Douma, Eastern Ghouta. The incident by itself is disgraceful and criminal, and it’s yet more shameful given the fact that the four unarmed revolutionaries were kidnapped in a“liberated area” and by an unknown group that, like robbers and thugs, spared no effort to hide its identity. It’s more and more shameful that no serious or quasi-serious investigation took place to bring out the truth to the area’s residents nor to Syrians in general, or to reveal the fate of the kidnapped four.

It’s known that Razan Zaitouneh is a lawyer, writer and activist who since the on set of this century, never stopped defending the rights, liberties and dignities of citizens, regardless of their political orientations and alignments. Razan has represented a new model for human rights activists and thinkers, and for Syrian women, regarding her devotion to work, discipline, and bravery, as well as her initiative and creative spirit, her high humanitarian sense and her love for life and lives. She is an honorable ideal for women, intellectuals and activists in Syria. Razan’s family don’t know her whereabouts ever since. It’s not known either if it’s available for her to contact Wael Hamadeh, her husband who was kidnapped with her.

As for Samira al-Khalil, she is a former political prisoner for four years for her struggle against Hafez al-Assad’s regime. She participated in most of pro-democratic activities in Syria since the beginning of this century; in the committees of the Revival of Civil Society and in the body of Damascus Declaration. Samira was one of the participants who took part in the preparatory meetings that resulted in signing Damascus-Beirut\Beirut-Damascus Declaration. She is a symbol of modesty and dedication for a public cause, and of the love of people and the will to help. Samira’s husband, Yassin al-Haj Saleh, same as her sisters and brothers and their sons, knows nothing about his spouse, while her elderly don’t know yet that she was kidnapped.

At the same degree of dedication and devotion, Wael Hamadeh has been for the past ten years working within a dissenting party, and since the beginning of the revolution within the Local Coordination Committees and the relief activities they run. Wael had been detained twice during the revolution and was tortured in regime’s dungeons. His mother and siblings know nothing about his fate, and he doesn’t know that his father passed away few weeks ago.

Nazem Hammadi,Syrian human rights lawyer and poet. Without Nazem, tens of internally displaced families in Syria wouldn’t have access to aid and relief. He and Wael along with other Local Coordination Committee members facilitated sending aids and relief to different cities and villages across Syria.

Without Nazem, a lot of families in different areas in Syria wouldn’t have access to supplies necessary for their living. Nazem and Wael had coordinated delivering the aid and relief through the network of the Coordination Committees, which was active in nearly all over the country. The family of the absented poet and lawyer knows nothing about him too.

The two women and two men are not monsters or dangerous people, nor are they aliens from the outsider space. They have families and beloved ones, whose hearts are broken to have them kidnapped in this criminal way, while days pass with no information available.

Kidnapping Razan,Samira, Wael and Nazem is a betrayal to the Syrian Revolution and an insult to the Syrian people, especially Douma’s people. To have unknown masked men kidnapping four unarmed activists, and hiding them from the world, is something that people won’t forget and history won’t ignore.

We, families of the four kidnapped, call on the residents, rebels and activists of Douma to help reveal the fate of the four and release them immediately, honored and revered. We also call on all Syrians capable to help provide useful information about the kidnapped and the kidnappers and work on ensuring the safety of the four. We hold their captors responsible for their well-being, and we demand their immediate and unconditional release.

We also call on all the free and just people around the world to stand in solidarity with Razan, Samira, Nazem, Wael, and all the detained and kidnapped in Syria, and in solidarity with the Syrian people and its bitter struggle for freedom.


To sign the document :اطلقوا-نشطاء-الحرية/statement-بيان-douma4-اطلقوا-نشطاء-الحرية/634987606575558


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