Syrian Nonviolence Movement: Rallying around the #Douma4 to rid the Syrian Revolution of authoritarianisms of any sort


Syrian Nonviolence Movement

One of the early chants by peaceful protesters, in our Syrian Revolution for democratic freedoms and equality, was “Traitor is he who kills his people.” This cry was about outrage at Assad’s murderous repression of peaceful protesters whom he tried to label as “traitors” to the nation. IN THIS PHOTO AND VIDEO LINK BELOW, Grassroots Syrian activists of Salah al-Deen in Aleppo are reviving this slogan, but with a turn of words that makes it suit this hard period when our Revolution for freedom is being stabbed in the back by the armed abusers of human rights from behind us, even while we still face brutal daily attack from the Assad regime. 

The struggle for a truly free, democratic, pluralistic, and sovereign Syria continues, against authoritarianism of any kind and from any direction–be it left or right, in front of us or behind us. We as a Revolution must embody the freedom we want.

LINK to the VIDEO of this protest:

Text first published on Syria non violence Facebook page: 


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