Popular Resistance against the “elections of blood”

Amid the sham democratic elections organized by the Assad regime to confirm the continuation of the rule of the dictator Bachar Al Assad, the revolutionary people of Syria organized various demonstrations against what they called the elections of blood and this despite the continual war of the regime against them. 

There were protests in various cities inhabited in majority by Kurdish population like Amouda

1604443_10204384608874368_239774186795179650_n 10310649_10204384608834367_5858400413916931566_n


and Qamichli



Translation: “elections: your candidate for the International criminal tribunal”

Indicated below the number of martyrs and injured.


A demonstration condemning the election as an Assad masquerade was organized by the youth movement of the Kurds TCK and Kurdish youth movement of Qamichli.
This latter issued a statement saying that ” they condemn these elections of blood and denounced them as a masquerade. They also condemned the murderous regime for the killing of more than two hundred thousand people and for the displacement of millions, They called for the boycott in the city of Qamichli of the election of blood and for Assad the murderer.

In Aleppo, activists painted rubbish containers with slogans such as  “Cast your vote here,”  “We throw you away, Bashar,” and “Bashar, this is where you belong.”transforming them into mock ballot boxes.


A similar action was made by youth of Yarmouk camp in Damascus.


In the neighborhood of Salah el-Din, Aleppo, protesters demonstrated against the elections despite the threat of constant bombings of the regime planes and helicopters. Since January 2014, more than 2000 people died under the barrel bombs of the regime in Aleppo.

616538_656491971087141_995444344347338941_o 10338621_656492231087115_6183836960447015575_o


In the same time pictures of Martyred figures of the revolution were put on a wall with written as a description “vote for the revolution”


In various neighborhoods under the domination of the regime in Aleppo, a group of activists were able to distribute ( of course without being seen) flyers condemning the elections.

10296573_782840115074237_1004446296750790207_n 10348276_782839961740919_8250614253829423009_n 10300163_782840061740909_5157187579130246652_n 10288771_782839828407599_6538515867415844521_n

In the city of Kfrdyian, Idlib, a demonstration was organized to oppose the elections of blood. They singed various slogans, including “they will not kneel except in front God” and support to the Free Syrian Army.

983708_1443600429231145_3857165251079043702_n 10343006_1443600302564491_3481989525741621963_n 10363342_1443600255897829_4583164254785099075_n

In the besieged region of Ghouta, protesters came out to protest against the elections of blood as well

10441046_1443132542611267_417448672339258025_n 10434317_1443132465944608_5584889987605022257_n10296651_243934715814924_7938180949975803121_n

In the city of Kafranbel, the revolutionaries were once more present to show their opposition to the elections of blood

10313408_1443451512579370_6955275495178081336_n 68637_1443451462579375_6957243288043566522_n

Translation: Participate in the killing


This picture below was taken in the city of Deraa, children saying yes to the revolution and no to Assad’s election


This is without forgetting that before the elections, activists distributed flyers and brochures condemning the elections of blood and the criminal Assad dictatorship in some regime controlled areas such as in Damascus and Hama.

Despite the destructions, killings and everything else, the Syrian people have not kneeled… The Syrian revolution continues…


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