Bread and Iron the struggle of Syrian workers

winner best film cinematography in Italy ” levante international film festival…winner best short film in the California best short competition in the USA.nominated for best documentary in foly film festival..and other 6 nominations around the world ..Bread and Iron tells the story of Syrian laborers in Lebanon.depicting their daily lives in an environment that frowns upon them with suspicion and hostility. Unable to return to their homes due to the raging war, many find themselves stuck on Lebanese construction sites. Building Beirut’s skyline under the whim of exploitative employers. In a series of conversations, young and old laborers talk about estrangement, hardship, and dreams for the future.Their testimonies point at a stark reality that goes largely ignored, especially now that their home country is on fire. I am a real witness of the issues Syrian workers face in Lebanon. I saw the anger, pain, fear and hopelessness in their eyes everyday when I lived in Ashrafia near by the construction site where the Syrian labors work. Whenever I see them I could feel the pain and sorrow they were going through. I thought the world should know their stories, which led me to making this film. I decided to meet them and earn their trust so that they can allow me to film. It was not easy at all, because am a woman. They did not trust me in the beginning. It took several weeks.


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