Statement of the Revolutionary Left Current in Syria: Palestinian people resist and our fight is common


Palestinian people resist and our fight is common

Once more the Zionist state has waged a savage war against the Palestinian people, especially the Gaza Strip, which has been exposed to destructing bombing since the last couple of days, while Palestinians in other areas are also subjected to repression and arrests.

And again, not a single voice from the regimes’ ruling classes in our region was raised to condemn these atrocities committed by the Israeli forces against the Palestinian people. This is not a surprised as these regimes are rooted and firmly established on their subordination to the interests of imperialism. These regimes have proven for decades to be objective allies of the Zionist state, and to be the first enemy of their own people.

The Zionist state intensified its violence against the Palestinians, especially against Gaza, after the kidnapping of the three settlers on June 12 2014, arresting hundreds of Palestinians, killing more than thirty and injuring dozens. The announcement of the deaths of the three settlers provoked and increased the massive racist media campaign within the Israeli state calling for the killing of Arabs. This barbarian racism against the Arabs is not a new phenomenon in the Zionist state, but is an essential component of it since its inception in 1948 as a colonial outpost at the expense of the Palestinian people and as the watchdog of imperialist interests in the region as a whole. This fierce racism campaign led to the kidnapping and killing by a group of Israelis of a Palestinian boy, Mohammad Abu Khudair, who was burned to death. Protests by Palestinian masses erupted as a result of this heinous act. These masses have suffered for decades of oppression, repression, persecution, deprivation of their general public rights and their right to their homeland. These masses are boiling, while having seen in the neighboring sister countries the masses revolting for than three years, from regimes that are plundering and deprive them of their rights, whether the Zionist state, the Palestinian National Authority in the West Bank or Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Israel only knows the language of violence, killing and displacement against the Palestinian people, as we can see with the multiple raids, for the last couple of days, against Gaza to destroy and kill unarmed civilians, who have been living in the besieged Gaza Strip for more than seven years.

The objective alliance and collaboration of the ruling bourgeois regimes in our countries with the Zionist state against the struggle of the Palestinian people have been revealed and completely denuded once more. They contributed to the destruction of the capacity to resist and they are all together, without exception, responsible and complicit of the Palestinian blood being shed.

In our country in Syria, the ruling bourgeois regime has crushed the Palestinian resistance for decades, when it entered Lebanon in 1976 and during the war of the camps and the siege of Tripoli in Lebanon in the 1980s. It has not ceased to try to submit the resistance factions in order to serve its narrow interests. Despite its nationalist propaganda, the regime participated in the second Gulf war in 1991 alongside the U.S. forces. But worst than that, the regime destroyed the Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus and other camps in other Syrian cities. The regime has killed more than a thousand Palestinian refugees since the outbreak of the revolution, in the beginning of 2011, arrested hundreds, and displaced thousands of them. Our Palestinian brothers in Syria make up an essential part of the revolution and they realized, as the rest of the Syrian masses, the importance of the victory of the revolutions in the region as a condition for the Liberation of Palestine.

The regime was actually not ashamed to issue a statement by the voice of Rami Makhlouf in June 2011 that there would be no stability for Israel without Syria’s stability.

The masses in their revolutions, in the recent years, have seen that Palestine lies at the heart of the revolutionary processes taking place, and that the revolutions taking place in our region are linked to a large extent and that their destinies are interrelated. The victory of the popular revolution in Syria, and the same thing applies to the Egyptian revolution, and others as well, will open a new front against the face of imperialism and the bourgeois regimes submitted to it. The victories of the revolutions are a necessary requirement on the road to the liberation of Palestine, while their defeat mean a retreat on this path.

We declare our full solidarity with the struggle of all the peoples for their liberation, particularly the Palestinian people in the face of the Zionist killing machine. We stress the importance of the relationship between our struggles, our freedom is linked to their freedom and our victory is linked to their victory, and the opposite is true as well.

Finally, the only real solution for the Palestinian issue is the destruction of the Zionist State that practices colonialism, occupation and Apartheid, and which has never brought security in Israel and elsewhere to the Jewish people as its propaganda falsely promotes it, quite on the contrary. Instead we call for the establishment of a democratic, social and secular state in historic 1948 Palestine for all (Palestinians and Israelis) without any form of discrimination and in which any Palestinian, whether internal refugee, for example in the Gaza Strip, or refugee in a neighboring country, has the right to return to its land and original house.

In this path, the liberation of Palestine requires the triumph of revolutions across the countries of the region, which includes not only Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon … but also Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Gulf states and Iran.

We stand firmly with the resistance and the struggle of the Palestinian people in order to restore all its rights and land and with the struggle of our people to restore the Golan Heights and the national sovereignty and confront the imperialist interventions both from the East and the West.

Our struggle is one for the triumph of popular revolutions in our countries for freedom, equality and social justice.

Revolutionary Left Current in Syria

All power and wealth to the people

Damascus July 9 2014

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