Revolutionary Left Movement in Syria: position around the bombings of the International Coalition led by the USA


Today the American planes bombed positions of Daesh (also known as the Islamic State), Jabhat al Nusra ( al Qaeda branch in Syria) and Ahrar Sham. These bombings occurred, according to some sources, with the participation of the reactionary Arab governments allied to the USA government, which are leading the counter-revolution at the regional level

We do not welcome these bombings, even though we have called since the advent of these reactionary and fascist forces to oppose them because they are hostile to the popular revolt, unlike the positions of the various liberal opposition bodies linked the Syrian National Council and the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces, which consider them by all their foolishness and immorality as components of the revolution. We oppose and strongly condemn the bombings and imperialist military intervention in Syria and call to confront it, in opposition to the Liberal bodies of the Syrian National Council and of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces that welcomed it

The reason why we oppose this imperialist intervention is that its objectives are not to support the Syrian people in their revolution, but to restore an imperialist domination of the countries of the region after the on-going popular revolts undermined it

Daech and jihadist forces are the result of the imperialist military intervention and of the brutality and corruption of despotic regimes

In the face of the multiplication of the enemies acting against the revolution of the Syrian people, we see that only the conscious and organized masses led by a truly revolutionary leadership are able to defeat these reactionary forces hostile to the revolution, to defeat the authoritarian regime, and also to defeat the imperialist intervention

No to Washington and its allies

No to Moscow and its allies

No to Daesh, no to the counter-revolutionary forces, and no the authoritarian regime

Long live the unity and struggle of the workers and oppressed everywhere

All the power and wealth to the people

Revolutionary Left Movement in Syria

September 23, 2014

5 thoughts on “Revolutionary Left Movement in Syria: position around the bombings of the International Coalition led by the USA

  1. The Freedom Socialist Party in the USA fully agrees with your position, and I enclose below our editorial on the subject, which you are free to reprint:


    Obama declares war — on civilians

    Freedom Socialist Newspaper

    Obama declares war on civilians
    October 2014

    President Obama reassured the nation in his special press conference on Sept. 10 that no U.S. “boots on the ground” would be used to “degrade and destroy” ISIS — just bombers. So therefore, this country is not at war. What a pack of lies.

    Actually, “targeted military airstrikes” is exactly how imperialists make war in today’s world. And the majority of casualties are civilians. In Syria, for example, Assad’s air superiority has murdered, wounded and displaced millions of noncombatants in three years. Israeli air attacks killed more than 2,100 Palestinians in just a month. Ukraine’s air strikes on eastern Ukraine killed 3,000 mostly civilians, and produced a million refugees in two months. And, as Iraq war vets point out, Iraqis still face radioactivity and infrastructure devastation from the eight-year U.S. military occupation.

    As have many before him, the president declared that U.S. militarism is good and just. Nonsense! Empire America created the likes of ISIS and the Taliban to bolster U.S. control over the region and stamp out authentic revolution against gross poverty and repression.

    Massive, unconditional humanitarian aid is the only thing the U.S. can offer that will help. No bombs! No drones! No troops! No mercenaries!

    You may also wish to see the below article I wrote entitled “Analysis: The US role and the road ahead, Unstoppable revolt in the middle east.” The link is

    In solidarity,

    Monica Hill, Assistant Editor
    Freedom Socialist Newspaper

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