Solidarity with Yarmouk, crushed from all sides …


Yarmouk, Your wounds are our wounds brother, Aleppo

Yarmouk camp in Damascus is now under the quasi total control, according to the latest news, of the forces of the Islamic State (IS), after several weeks of military operations to invade the camp, with the collaboration of Jabhat al Nusra (Al Qaeda’s branch in Syria) and the declaration of neutrality of the Islamist movement Ahrar Sham. Military forces, independent of the regime and reactionary fundamentalist forces, composed of Palestinian and Syrian fighters inside the camp did try to resist militarily against the onslaught of IS, but without success. Clashes between these forces have led to the death of many martyrs defending the camp, including Colonel Khaled Alhasan, known as Abu Oday, who defected of the Palestine Liberation Army, which is under the domination of Assad regime, and subsequently commanded the movement of the “Free Men of the Palestinian Liberation Army” in the Yarmouk camp.

Some Palestinian families from Yarmouk fled during the progress of the IS to neighbouring districts like Tadamon and Yalda or in the suburbs of Damascus as Beit Sahem. These families lack everything despite the help of Jafra Association that distributed food to these refugees families.

As a reminder, the Yarmouk camp, which had over 150,000 inhabitants before the revolution, mostly populated of the descendants of Palestinian refugees from the 1948’s Nakba, but also Syrians and others, has suffered of a terrible blockade of the Assad’s regime forces for almost two years depriving the population of water, electricity, food, etc … Over 200 Palestinians died of hunger because of the blockade.

Besides, during the military operations of the IS to take control of Yarmouk, the Assad regime bombed civilians in the camp, as it did in the past, and continues to do so at the time of the writing.

There are only about 18,000 people left in the camp today.

We must give our full support and solidarity to the people of Yarmouk camp, just as to the Syrian people. Both are facing the terror of the IS, of Jabhat al Nusra and other fundamentalist forces on one side and of the criminal Assad regime and of its allies on the other side.

These counter revolutionary forces are all enemies of the Syrian and Palestinian popular class and the objectives of the revolution: democracy, social justice and equality.

See this article for background on the camp of Yarmouk:

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