Statement – The second anniversary of the abduction of Samira, Razan, Wael and Nazem



Two years have passed since Samira al-Khalil, Razan Zaitouneh, Wael Hamadeh and Nazem Hammadi were abducted in Douma, Eastern Ghouta. During these two years, no public entity has provided information on the kidnapped, which makes the abduction of the four activists a crime against their families, besides being a crime against the kidnapped themselves, and one of the gravest crimes committed against the Syrian revolution, apart from those committed by Assad and Daesh.

All the available pieces of evidence indicate the responsibility of the Army of Islam led by Zahran Alloush. Being the de facto authority in Douma, the Army of Islam must assume the political responsibility for the abduction of these two women and two men. The Army of Islam should, therefore, provide the criminal evidence to whoever requests it; but firstly, to the families of the kidnapped activists and the general public in Syria who demand justice. We know that the aforementioned group, who threatened to kill Razan Zaitouneh, did not carry out any investigation in the abduction crime.

The internationally-granted impunity to Assad’s junta destroyed the lives of countless Syrians and ruined the country, literally and figuratively. Keeping silent on Alloush and his accomplices will not lead to different results. It’s common knowledge that the Army of Islam engaged in different fights to dominate Douma and its surroundings, which caused many casualties and called for expanding their official and secret prisons in which the prisoners are tortured, starved and humiliated. In addition, the group has carried out assassinations, and poisoned the public life in Eastern Ghouta as a whole.

On the second anniversary of the abduction of our symbols and friends, we reiterate our demand to immediately release them, and we renew our determination to keep their cause alive and to denounce the kidnappers and their accomplices morally, legally and politically. We appeal to everyone with an alert conscience, and those who can, to provide useful information on the four unarmed Syrians who did not harm anyone and were never publicly accused of any wrongdoing against their fellow citizens or their just struggle for freedom and equality.

We call upon our partners in Syria and around the world to continue to pressure the suspects, and stand up against them playing a role in the future of Syria.

Finally we call for the establishment of an investigation body, involving international human rights organizations, that is prepared to enter Douma at any time to collect criminal evidence and make the legal case against those who incited the abduction, those who planned it and those who executed the plan.

Signatories to the statement 

Hamisch, the Syrian Cultural House in Istanbul – هامش، البيت الثقافي السوري في اسطنبول

al-Jumhuriya – مجموعة الجمهورية

Syrian League for Citizenship – الرابطة السورية للمواطنة

Bidayyat for Audiovisual Arts – مؤسسة بدايات

Syrian Women Association – رابطة النساء السوريات

Syrian Feminist Lobby – اللوبي النسوي السوري

Kesh Malek (Syrian NGO) – كش ملك

Badael (Syrian NGO) – مؤسسة بدائل

Baytna Syria – بيتنا سوريا

Maratous (Syrian NGO)- مؤسسة ماراتوس

Equality (Syrian NGO) – منظمة مساواة

Socialist Forum Lebanon – المنتدى الاشتراكي، لبنان

Syrian Peace Action Center (SPACE) – Norway

The Syria Campaign

Corriente Roja – Spain

Asociación de Apoyo al Pueblo Sirio – Spain

Partido Socialista dos Trabalhadores Unificado – Brasil

Conlutas – Brasil

Solidaridad Global con la Revolución Siria – Spain

Souria Houria – France

Syrie Moderne Démocratique et Laïque – France

Le collectif des amis d’Alep – France

Syrie Démocratie 33 – France

Solidarité Saintonge-Syrie – France

Taalim – France

Revivre – France

المصدر: douma4

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