1424432_546232245535219_4204259727084417524_nDecember 22nd, 2015, 8:18pm , according to the Civil Defence Crew in the southern quarter of the city, residential neighborhoods, which has been subject to none-stop and heavy bombardment and cannoning for the last four weeks – according to the crew, a missile fell without making any explosion, then four barrel bombs followed, the crew of the Civil Defence rushed into look for wounded and survivals and evacuate them to Al-Ghouta Hospital / emergency, twelve state of emergencies were brought to the hospital as follow:

  • Seven cases were delivered in a complete consciousness
  • Three cases were conscious
  • Two cases died before they make it to hospital.

The main symptoms which all have was dyspea .All cases were delivered to Al Ghouta Hospital / Emergency, the report was as follows :Casualty A.B arrived at 9:12 PM the time was assigned as ” Zero Hour “.

  • Symptoms : Dyspea and turmoil Producers: Hydrocortisone , Atropine , Oxygen inhalation.
  • General condition : Dyspea, consciousness .Casualty G.

D arrived at 10+

  • Symptoms : Dyspea and turmoil Procedures : Hydrocortisone, Atropine, Oxygen inhalation .
  • General condition: Dyspea, consciousness
  • Casualty H.O.

Z arrived at 10+

  • Symptoms: increased secretions , bloody and foamy blood comes out of nose and mouth, Dyspnoea turned to death struggle . after intubation bloody and foamy secretions went out ,wheezes ,slow heart beats and muscles constrictions in lower limbs.
  • Procedures: intubation , Atropine, Hydrocortisone, ( LarGACTEL) adrenalin.. death.
  • Casualty: H.

T arrived at 30+

  • Symptoms: Dyspea, turmoil and muscles constrictions.
  • Procedures: Hydrocortisone, Atropine, Oxygen inhalation, (LarGACTEL), dormcuim
  • General conditions: Dyspea, consciousness .
  • Casualty :Y.

K arrived dead with bloody secretions from nose and mouth.

Casualty: L. Dyspea and turmoil. Procedures: Hydrocortisone, Atropine, Oxygen inhalation.

Due to the poor potencies and lab possibilities, the medical cadre is unable to determine the type of the weapon used, but, according to our previous tragic experience in 21/8/2013, we can tell out of the above symptoms that the city was hit with “Toxic Gases ” which remains one of many ways of death we have experienced

Signatoris: Al Ghouta Hospital; Local Council of MOADAMIET AL-SHAM; MOADAMIET AL-SHAM Media office; Syrian civil defense MOADAMIET AL-SHAM;




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