Solidarity of besieged Yarmuk refugee camp to besieged Khan al-Sheih camp

أطفال #مخيم_اليرموك المحاصر يتضامنون مع #مخيم_خان_الشيح ضمن وقفة وجه خلالها أطفال اليرموك رسائل تضامنية إلى أطفال وأهالي #مخيم_خان_الشيح المحاصر

Children of besieged Yarmuk refugee camp in solidarity with the besieged Khan al-Sheih camp

The Palestinian camp of Khan al-Sheih has been exposed to violent bombing of Assad regime and Russian forces and to a blockade. Assad regime and Russian attacks have claimed the lives of innocent Palestinian refugees, including children and women, in Khan al-Sheih camp.


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