Demonstrations Friday “The revolution brings us together”- 30-12-2016 / مظاهرات جمعة “الثورة تجمعنا

Demonstrations throughout free areas of Syria confirming the continuation of the revolution until the achievement of their demands and the overthrow of the regime. These demonstrations occurred following nationwide ceasefire and a call by activists in Syria to protest against the Assad regime under the slogan “The revolution brings us together”.

Today, there were airstrikes on besieged the town of Wadi Barada, in Idlib, on Maadi East of Damascus and around northern Hama as well. In addition, regime forces shelled numerous occupation armed forces-held towns in Daraa, besieged east Ghouta and other areas.Regime ground forces are also trying to break into eastern Ghouta and are being supported by heavy shelling and airstrikes. Hezbollah’s soldiers are attempting to break into besieged Wadi Barada supported by numerous barrel bomb attacks and heavy shelling.

مظاهرات في جميع أنحاء المناطق المحررة في سوريا تؤكد استمرار الثورة حتى تحقيق مطالب الثورة وإسقاط النظام


al-Atareb, Aleppo Province


Picture on the left: “Hand in hand, one army, one flag [of the revolution], for the fall of the regime”

Demonstration in Idlib

Demonstration in Tarmanin, Idlib Province


Translation “The people are the revolution and it’s our right to know who is negotiating and what is happening”


Demonstration in Maaret al-Naaman, Idlib province

Demonstration in Masraba, Damascus Province

Demonstration in Sarmada, Idlib Province.

Demonstration in Douma, chanting the revolution reunites us, that the revolution was peaceful, “Irhal (Leave) ya Bachar” etc…

‘Arbiin, Damascus Province


Demonstration in Saqba, Damascus province

Demonstration in Saraqeb, Idlib province

Besieged Jisrin, East of Damascus, was shelled today, but a few still came out to protest


Talbesie #Homs


Kafranbel, Idlib

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