Interview Joseph Daher with Kurdpress

The military confrontation between Syria and Turkey in Syria’s Idlib province is among the latest developments in Syria, which some believe it is very likely for the conflict to turn into a full-scale war. The Syrian government is currently trying to recapture the remaining territory of the country, which is controlled by Turkey and the Syrian Kurdish forces separately. The Syrian government’s recent attempt to remove Idlib from the Turkish-backed insurgents has provoked Ankara’s resistance, with Turkey taking military action against the Syrian army leading to a Damascus retaliation.
Dr. Daher believes Turkey needs to maintain its ties with Russia, so he does not want the situation to get tense any more. He stressed about the fate of the Syrian Kurds that they are in a very dire situation and it is unlikely that Damascus will accord to their demands, including the establishment of a federal system and the creation of an autonomous region in the Kurdish areas of the country.
The following is his full answers to Kurdpress questions;

Follow this link to read the rest of the interview

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