Interview on Syria June 2020

To listen to the podcast:

Joseph Daher is an internationalist, a Socialist, a Swiss-Syrian revolutionary and academic working in Switzerland.

His most recent:

Syria, We want to live

COVID-19 and the Syrian Regime – an Opportunity to Tighten its Authoritarian Control over Society

Syria, The Wages of Destruction

‘State institutions and regime networks as service providers in Syria’

“Invisible Sanctions: How over-compliance limits humanitarian work on Syria Challenges of Fund Transfer for Non-Profit Organizations Working on Syria”
English version…/Invisible_Sanctions_IMPACT_EN.pdf

Hezbollah, Neoliberalism and Political Economy

The Syrian Presidential Palace Strengthens its Concentration of Power: The Rift Makhlouf-Assad

Historical Lessons of the Syrian Revolution – A CRITICAL BALANCE SHEET

Popular protest is back in the Middle East

The ‘Caesar Bill’: A step towards accountability in Syria, or a worsening economic crisis?

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