The Aftermath of Earthquakes in Syria: The Regime’s Political Instrumentalisation of a Crisis

In what ways does the Syrian regime attempt to instrumentalise the humanitarian crisis resulting from the earthquake to enhance its control over society?

What are the obstacles and challenges facing potential future reconstruction process in the regime-controlled areas?

Our latest from the Syrian Trajectories project:

The earthquakes of 6 February impacted around 8.8 million people in Syria and caused massive destruction and damage to infrastructure and residential buildings in the Idlib, Aleppo, Lattakia and Hama governorates. The Syrian regime has exploited the humanitarian crisis to control the organisation and delivery of humanitarian assistance in the country. Syrian officials have also attempted to instrumentalise the natural disaster and its consequences to weaken the country’s political isolation and promote normalisation processes with regional and international actors. In this context, a reconstruction process is once again potentially starting, but significant obstacles exist for it to move forward.


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