A Statement by the female political detainees in Damascus Central Prison (Adra):


Our people are suffering from great tragedies while waiting for the dawn of freedom. Ours is one of those tragedies that we endure in silence and under intentional media blackout.

Today, we speak for those who have no voice.
To shed a light on our bad conditions and daily sufferings, we have gathered these approximate statistics.
1- There are approximately 500 female political detainees in Damascus Central Prison (Adra), without including thousands of female detainees in other detention centers. Most of them exceeded the 60 days preliminary investigation period.
2- The percentage of female detainees older than 50 years of age is 30%.
3- The percentage of pregnant detainees is 5%.
4- Birth rate: one baby is born in prison every month.
5- The percentage of permanent injuries caused by torture is 10%.
6- The percentage of neglected patients with chronic illnesses and no available treatments due to the unavailability of doctors and medications is 60%.
7- The percentage of those included in the recent amnesty does not exceed 10%, and only 3% were actually released.
8- Only 20% have the ability and can afford to hire an attorney, with the knowledge that lawyers cannot represent their clients in terrorism courts and can only bring the court date closer.
9- The percentage of the detainees who are granted family visits; and therefore get money for personal expenses, does not exceed 30%. Taking into consideration that each detainee needs a minimum of 5000sp monthly.
Based on the foregoing, we therefore demand:
1- Media Support to shed a light on our inhumane and illegal conditions. Since most of us have been indefinitely detained by the court of terrorism without any legal justification, and were denied release by the judges except those who could pay enormous amounts of money that most of us cannot afford.
2- Financial aid and relief campaigns for the detainees whose detention periods have exceeded a year and have inflicted enormous damage on their families and children. Most of the detainees, especially the ones detained with their husbands, gather small amounts of money they get as aid to help their children who lost their providers.
3- Increase the international pressure to highlight the recent fabricated amnesty and embarrass the syrian regime and force them to release all political detainees.

Damascus 10/10/2014