Video and pictures of the Global Day Of Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution, Geneva, Friday, May 31, 2013


The Global Day of Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution in Geneva was a great success.

We firstly had a gathering in Geneva to demonstrate in solidarity with the Syrian Revolution. Few Syrian opponents, and other people in solidarity with the Syrian Revolution made speeches. Despite the rain, around 100 demonstrators came to show their solidarity with the Syrian people struggling for freedom and dignity and then joined us for the rest of the evening.

Following the gathering, a Syrian buffet was organized by Syrian volunteers.  All the funds and donations gathered this day were given to the association Help Syrians, which provides medical aid to the Syrian inside the country.

After the buffet, we held a conference with four speakers speaking about the Syrian Revolution and/ or the necessity to be in solidarity with it.

The four speakers were:

Maryam al-Khawaja: Bahraini political opponent and human rights activists, and who has supported from the beginning the Syrian revolution. She spoke from Skype.

Mariah al Abdeh: Syrian activist of the non violence movement and working in many projects supporting the Syrian people

Ghayath Naisse: Syrian political opponent in exile and member of the Syrian Revolutionary left current. He is also a founder of the Committee for the Defence of Democratic Freedoms in Syria (CDF), created in 1989

Intervention of Parvin Khosravi, Iranian socialist militant.

The main themes put forward during the evening both from  the speakers and the public were the following:

– The Syrian revolution is a revolution for dignity and freedom, for all Syrians, and not a sectarian civil war.

– The importance to link the struggle of the people from Syria to Bahrain, passing through Egypt and Tunisia, and other countries. To oppose the attempts of all these authoritarian regimes to divide the people through different means, including the evil use of sectarianism.

– The importance of the self organization of the masses in Syria through popular organizations and committees, for example since the liberation of the city of Raqqah from regime forces in March, more than 42 social movements have been registered completely managed by the people and the youth of the city.

Finally we finished the evening by hoping that the next year for the Global Solidarity Day we would be in Syria to build a new democratic and social Syria.

You can check the speakers’ interventions in the following link:

Pictures of the gathering in Geneva and of the conference

Viva the Syrian Revolution!


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