We Stand Behind the Syrian People’s Revolution – No to Foreign Intervention


published in : http://www.al-manshour.org/en/statement-by-rev-socialists-marxists-on-us-attack-on-syria

Statement by: Revolutionary Socialists (Egypt) – Revolutionary Left Current (Syria) – Union of Communists (Iraq) – Al-Mounadil-a (Morocco) – Socialist Forum (Lebanon) – League of Worker’s Left (Tunisia)

Published on Saturday 31 August 2013

Over 150 thousand were killed, hundreds of thousands injured and disabled, millions of people displaced inside and outside Syria. Cities, villages, and neighborhoods were destroyed fully or partially, using all sorts of weapons, including warplanes, scud missiles, bombs, and tanks, all paid for by the sweat and blood of the Syrian people. This was under the pretext of defending the homeland and achieving military balance with Israel (whose occupation of Syrian land is, in fact, being protected by the Syrian regime, which failed to reply to any of its continuing aggressions).

Yet, despite the enormous losses mentioned above, befalling all Syrians, and the calamity inflicted on them, no international organization or major country – or a lesser one – felt the need to provide practical solidarity or support the Syrians in their struggle for their most basic rights, human dignity, and social justice.

The only exception was some Gulf countries, more specifically Qatar and Saudi Arabia. However, their aim was to control the nature of the conflict and steer it in a sectarian direction, distorting the Syrian revolution and aiming to abort it, as a reflection of their deepest fear that the revolutionary flame will reach their shores. So they backed obscurantist takfiri groups, coming, for the most part, from the four corners of the world, to impose a grotesque vision for rule based on Islamic sharia. These groups were engaged, time and time again, in terrifying massacres against Syrian citizens who opposed their repressive measures and aggressions inside areas under their control or under attack, such as the recent example of villages in the Latakia countryside.

A large block of hostile forces, from around the world, is conspiring against the Syrian people’s revolution, which erupted in tandem with the uprisings spreading through a large section of the Arab region and the Maghreb for the past three years. The people’s uprisings aimed to put an end to a history of brutality, injustice, and exploitation and attain the rights to freedom, dignity, and social justice.

However, this did not only provoke local brutal dictatorships, but also most of the imperialist forces seeking to perpetuate the theft of the wealth of our people, in addition to the various reactionary classes and forces throughout those areas and in surrounding countries.

As for Syria, the alliance fighting against the people’s revolution comprises a host of reactionary sectarian forces, spearheaded by Iran and confessional militias in Iraq, and, to much regret, Hezbollah’s strike force, which is drowning in the quagmire of defending a profoundly corrupt and criminal dictatorial regime.

This unfortunate situation has also struck a major section of the traditional Arab left with Stalinist roots, whether in Syria itself or in Lebanon, Egypt, and the rest of the Arab region – and worldwide – which is clearly biased towards the wretched alliance surrounding the Assad regime. The justification is that some see it as a “resilient” or even a “resistance” regime, despite its long history – throughout its existence in power – of protecting the Zionist occupation of the Golan Heights, its constant bloody repression of various groups resisting Israel, be it Palestinian or Lebanese (or Syrian), and remaining idle and subservient, since the October 1973 war, concerning Israel’s aggressions on Syrian territories. This bias will have serious ramifications on ordinary Syrians’ position regarding the left in general.

The United Nations and the Security Council, in particular, was unable to condemn the crimes of a regime, which the Syrian people rejected continuously and peacefully for more than seven months, while the bullets of the snipers and shabbiha took demonstrators one by one and day after day and while the most influential activists were being detained and subjected to the worst kinds of torture and elimination in the prisons and detention centers. All the while, the world remained completely silent and in a state of total negativity.

The situation persisted with small difference after the people in revolution decided to take up arms and the emergence of what became known as the Free Syrian Army (FSA) – whose command and soldiers came, to a large extent, from the regular army. This led to the horrific escalation of crimes by the regime.

Russian imperialism, the most important ally of the Baathist regime in Damascus, which provides it with all sorts of support, remains on the lookout to block any attempt to condemn those crimes in the Security Council. The United States, on the other hand, does not find a real problem in the continuation of the status quo, with all the apparent repercussions and destruction of the country. This is despite the threats and intimidation utilized by the US president, every time someone in the opposition raises the question of the use of chemical weapons by the regime, up until the latest escalation, when it was considered crossing a “red line.”

It is clear that Obama, who gives the impression that he will go ahead with his threats, would have felt great embarrassment if he did not do so, since it will not only impact negatively on the president, but also on the image of the mighty and arrogant state that he leads in the eyes of subservient Arab countries and the entire world.

The imminent strike against the Syrian armed forces is led by the US in essence. However, it occurs with the understanding and cooperation of allied imperialist countries, even without rationalizing it through the usual farce, known as international legitimacy (namely the decisions of the UN, which was and remains representative of the interests of major powers, whether in conflict or in alliance, depending on the circumstances, differences, and balances among them). In other words, the strike will not wait for the Security Council due to the anticipated Russian-Chinese veto.

Unfortunately, many in the Syrian opposition are gambling on this strike and the US position in general. They believe this would create an opportunity for them to seize power, skipping over the movement and of the masses and their independent decision. It should not be a surprise, then, that the representatives of this opposition and the FSA had no reservations on providing information to the US about proposed targets for the strike.

In all cases, we agree on the following:

  • The western imperialist alliance will strike several positions and vital parts of the military and civilian infrastructure in Syria (with several casualties, as usual). However, as it was keen to announce, the strikes will not be meant to topple the regime. They are merely intended to punish, in Obama’s words, the current Syrian leadership and save face for the US administration, after all the threats concerning the use of chemical weapons.
  • The US president’s intentions to punish the Syrian leadership does not stem, in any way or form, from Washington’s solidarity with the suffering of children who fell in the Ghouta massacres, but from its commitment to what Obama calls the vital interests of the US and its homeland security, in addition to Israel’s interests and security.
  • The Syrian army and its regional allies, led by the Iranian regime, will not have enough courage, most probably, to fulfil what seemed to be threats by their senior officials that any western attack on Syria will ignite the entire region. But this option remains on the table, as a final option with catastrophic results.
  • The imminent western imperialist assault does not intend to support the Syrian revolution in any way. It will aim to push Damascus into the bargaining table and allow Bashar al-Assad to retreat from the foreground, but keeping the regime in place, while greatly improving conditions to strengthen the position of US imperialism in the future Syria against Russian imperialism.
  • The more those participating in the continuing popular mobilization – who are more aware, principled, and dedicated to the future of Syria and its people – realize these facts, their consequences, results, and act accordingly, the more this will contribute to aiding the Syrian people to successfully pick a true revolutionary leadership. In the process of a committed struggle based on the current and future interests of their people, this would produce a radical program consistent with those interests, which could be promoted and put into practice on the road to victory.

No to all forms of imperialist intervention, whether by the US or Russia.

No to all forms of reactionary sectarian interventions, whether by Iran or the Gulf countries.

No to the intervention of Hezbollah, which warrants the maximum of condemnation.

Down with all illusions about the imminent US military strike.

Break open the arms depots for the Syrian people to struggle for freedom, dignity, and social justice.

Victory to a free democratic Syria and down with the Assad dictatorship and all dictatorships forever.

Long live the Syrian people’s revolution.

Revolutionary Socialists (Egypt) – Revolutionary Left Current (Syria) – Union of Communists (Iraq) – Al-Mounadil-a (Morocco) – Socialist Forum (Lebanon) – League of Worker’s Left (Tunisia) 

19 thoughts on “We Stand Behind the Syrian People’s Revolution – No to Foreign Intervention

  1. “Victory to a free democratic Syria”

    Democracy is more than majority rule, there is the rule of law which describes due process and morality independent of political ambition. Freedom without the rule of law is anarchy.

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  3. The problem of intervention can be solved in part by adopting the principles which are aspired to by those would direct society by force of arms rather than by democratic process. The common principle is deism, which is usually accompanied by the problem of sectarian politics. Sectarian issues can be minimised by a literal interpretation of Surah 2:256 of the Quran: “there is no compulsion in religion”.

  4. Regardless, chemical weapons have been used…action needs to be taken…even though I do not agree with a military strike…any actions taken must be backed by the UN…on final note…any persident who uses its own military to harm civilians must be removed in power by force.!!!

    • Dominic, it isn’t clear who is responsible for the chemical weapons use, and the UN currently does not have a mandate to investigate this. An appeal to the UN to remove Assad will not work because of Putin’s security interest. Diplomacy should always come before any call for force.

  5. Some anguished Syrians in the United States say “The anti-war movement doesn’t want the U.S. to bomb, but something needs to be done. You just want to do nothing as the people die in Syria.” I say things like. Let’s get impartial respected people to investigate what’s going on and then use it to cut support in Iran and Russia for supporting Assad. What do you recommend as an alternative to bombing and passivity?

    • Regarding investigation, Sibel Edmonds has some relevant perspective on the geopolitical background.

      While being pro-democracy is politically correct, it can be a further source of instability unless an accord is found with Shia Islam. A reasonable course of action could be to promote dialogue between the two groups on security issues.

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  8. “No to all forms of imperialist intervention, whether by the US or Russia” contradicts “[b]reak open the arms depots for the Syrian people to struggle for freedom, dignity, and social justice” since we are presumably talking about the arms depots of the imperialist West; the U.S. in particular continues its heavy arms blockade on the Free Syrian Army.

    Where does Syrian Freedom Forever stand on the question of supporters of the revolution in the West marching at the “anti war” demonstrations organized by or dominated by Assad s supporters?

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  11. We struggle for #NONA #Neither Obama Nor Assad !
    Please say a simple slogan like this.
    Some activist near Occupy RT my tweet NONA
    Some Assad’s supporter are using imperialist agression to forget the revolution !
    Please; give us french texts of Omar Aziz.
    I have translate from english to french
    JEUDI 22 AOÛT 2013
    Omar Aziz: “Repose en victorieux” (traduction en français du texte de Budour Hassan)

    Omar Aziz dit un jour:
    «Nous avons fait mieux que les travailleurs
    de la Commune de Paris.
    Ils ont résisté pendant 70 jours
    et nous, nous tenons depuis un an et demi” (Budour Hassan)

    Malgré mes demandes multiples, je n’ai pu obtenir de version anglaise ou française du texte de Omar Aziz mentionné dans cet article (Le document de Omar Aziz sur les conseils locaux )
    SAMEDI 24 AOÛT 2013
    Every activist struggling for the world revolution must read and critic that article “SYRIA: The life and work of (…) Omar Aziz, and his impact on self-organization in the Syrian revolution By Leila Shrooms for Tahrir-ICN

    Photo from: Yallasouriya
    I have wait a long time for that kind of text. I dont wait to have a translation. I call every activist to analyse it and to produce critics.
    Critics about the Leila Shrooms’s text and critics about Omar Aziz’s program.
    It is the best way to find the best solution for Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrein, Algeria, Marocco, Turkey, Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Guinée, Congo etc etc…..
    Than you Leila Shrooms
    Yanick Toutain
    PS After much thought, I removed the title the word “anarchist” to describe Omar Aziz. I still do not understand why Shroom Leila did not write the “Luxemburgist Omar Aziz” From what I have read the reference seems to be the vision of Rosa Luxemburg rather than Kropotkin! So I can not endorse in my title this MY STRANGE CHARACTERIZATION.
    PS Après longues réflexions, j’ai retiré du titre l’adjectif “anarchiste” pour décrire Omar Aziz. Je ne comprends toujours pas pourquoi Leila Shroom n’a pas écrit le “LUXEMBOURGISTE Omar Aziz”
    De ce que j’ai lu sa référence semble être la vision de Rosa Luxembourg plutôt que celle de Kropotkine !
    Je ne peux donc pas dans MON titre cautionner cette ETRANGE CARACTERISATION.
    SYRIA: The life and work of anarchist Omar Aziz, and his impact on self-organization in the Syrian revolution by Leila Shrooms for Tahrir-ICN Posted by tahriricn

  12. Look at Libya today – are they any better off since NATO and the US went in and overthrew Muammar Gaddafi? Is Iraq any better off? Or are the people of the former Yugoslavia any better off?

    Everywhere the US goes, everywhere the foreign powers go and overthrow a government there is poverty, misery and suffering. They never improve the lives of the people, and the people have the right to run their own country. For the last 100 years we’ve seen what the fruits of the Western foreign intervention are. Nowhere have they ever created peace or jobs, or democracy or equality, or whatever they were promising. Everywhere they’ve gone and intervened they have made things worse. They have created mass suffering and we see these massacres in place, the lives have been lost. It’s a basic human right to run your own country, to not have foreign occupying troops there.

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