Treacherous aggression of the forces of the counter-revolution against the fighters of the People’s Liberation Faction


Treacherous aggression of the forces of the counter-revolution against the fighters of the People’s Liberation Faction,

They are killing the revolution and revolutionaries in the name of Islam

We have already emphasized the danger that was threatening the popular revolution, which is being surrounded today by various counter revolutionary forces (the regime one side and the islamists and jihadists reactionary forces on the other side). These latter work to abort and strike the popular revolution in every area of our country.

For example, a number of armed islamist forces have been trying to impose an Islamization of the revolution and of the minds by extremist, exclusionary and even Takfiri methods. With the of rise extremists and fundamentalists, they prepare and are trying to impose by force a form of religious extremism on the popular masses, instead of the popular moderate religiosity characterizing the Syrian society, in all the regions they are present. Moreover, they repress the revolutionary popular movement and its grassroots bodies, while trying to impose also a social behaviour of an obsolete era in an attempt to root out everything that the Syrian people has stood up and struggle for, we mean the overthrow of the ruling authoritarian regime and build a modern democratic State based on freedom, equality and justice for all Syrians.

What happened on April 12 2014 is a living example of the practices of the fascist forces hostile to the revolution and acting against our people and fighters who reject all forms of tyranny, injustice and humiliation. A group of fighters of the « People’s Liberation Faction», while traveling from Hama to Aleppo to support comrades in arms and of the cause to confront the continued attacks of the regimes forces, were stopped at a check point controlled by an Islamist extremist faction, said to belong to Jabhat al Nusra. Two of our fighters came to reach an understanding with the fighters of the check point, who asked them their names and affiliation and sects. Our comrades told them that they are « People’s Liberation Faction» and that they were from various sects. Some of the fighters at the check-point then demanded to all the militants from religious and ethnic minorities to surrender their arms to them. The comrades refused this categorically. The fighters at the check-point started pointing their arms at the face of our fighters and then opened fire against them, which led to a clash between us and them. Three of their fighters fell during the clash, while two of our comrades were martyred, Ahmed and Rami, and a third was wounded.

This treacherous attack, from a fascist group that claims to be with the revolution while practicing these forms of ugly assault on the revolutionaries, on our people, its militants who carry the flag of the People’s Revolution and the fighters who stand with all humility and are dedicated to carry the flag of our people’s revolution, and who struggle for all the popular masses, without discrimination on the basis of race or religion or gender, for the liberation from the yoke of the Assad family’s ruling regime, is an indication of a serious threat to our popular revolution and the future of our country. These actions can’t just be scrolled on the organs of the revolution or tolerated. The claim to support the revolution on an autocratic, bloody and sectarian basis means killing the revolution, and resembles completely the regime’s behavior, against which our people revolted, and still are.

The people that revolted against one of the worst bloody regimes will not accept that new fascists, who do not differ from the other tyranny in anything, kill their revolution. Our popular revolution will overthrow the criminal regime and each counterrevolutionary fascist force.

No return to the era of humiliation, oppression and tyranny.

Glory to our martyrs and the martyrs of the popular revolution

The overthrow and shame for the ruling regime and all the counter-revolutionary fascist forces

The revolution continues

We remain faithful to our pledge

All power and wealth to the people

People’s Liberation Faction

Revolutionary Left Current in Syria

April 14, 2014


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